After-sales service

In order to let you buy with more confidence, all products purchased at SA-KARU MACAU are entitled to a "seven-day worry-free appreciation period" and " elastic thread permanent warranty service" .

[ Seven-day worry-free appreciation period]
• We have always been committed to providing customers with high-quality natural crystals. If you are not satisfied with the product you received, we can provide you with a one-time exchange or return without any reason .
Customers can return or exchange unopened products within seven days after receiving them, and we will refund the money .
• Natural crystals contain natural energy, and after wearing and using, they will be attuned to the wearer 's magnetic field and become exclusive personal crystals. Therefore, we only accept returns and exchanges of unopened and used products, please understand.
• Customers are responsible for shipping costs incurred for returns and exchanges.

[ Permanent Warranty Service for Elastic Thread ]
• Anyone who purchases products containing elastic thread at SA-KARU MACAU can permanently replace the elastic thread for free.
• This warranty service includes the wire cost and manual cost of replacing the elastic thread for the product , and the cost of the back and forth mailing must be borne by the customer.

Description of crystal quality : Crystal is a natural product. After tens of millions of years of natural precipitation, there are unique textures and characteristics in it, such as "mineral defect", "flat head", "ice crack", "cloud and fog", etc. It is also the best proof of natural crystals that these situations are not a problem with the quality of the product.