• Due to differences in lighting or sunlight, computer screen settings, etc., the color of the crystal photo may have a slight color difference, and everything is subject to the actual shipment.
  • Because each crystal product is unique, the products we upload are randomly selected from one or more batches of the same quality for shooting. If the selected product is sold, we will select it from the same batch. Pick up one and send it.
  • SA-KARU will endeavour to ensure that the content and product descriptions on this website are accurate and complete. However, we cannot guarantee that the content and product descriptions are accurate, complete, current and error-free. If you feel that the product provided by the company does not match the description, please refer to our return process.
  • Natural mineral gemstones include natural stone patterns, clouds, impurities, ore marks, ice patterns, etc., which are all normal phenomena.
  • The crystal effects, feng shui, zodiac and constellations on this website are not exact science, and all contents are for reference only.